Raspberry Pi 4Gb with aluminium case, passive cooling

Raspberry pi 4 with 4Gb and passive cooling case

Compatible with OpenHAB2 and Home Assistant ( OpenMQTTGateway cannot be installed on a Raspberry Pi only on these boards)

Why this one among many others:

  • Even if the standard requirement for HASS and OpenHAB is 2Gb, 2Gb more will enable you more flexibility. Especially if you want to have extra addons.
  • Passive cooling, unless you want to overclock there is no need of a fan on a raspberry pi, this case enable passive cooling by direct contact with the warm components
  • 3A power supply with a switch, will let you run a little SSD attached to the PI (so as to avoid SD card corruption)


Raspberry Pi 4 with 4Gb memory

With a passively cooled case, the aluminum case is in contact with the processors so as to catch the heat and enable the passive cooling.

Thermal heatsink compound included.

Power supply 3A included.

HDMI adaptor included

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