XIAOMI Mi Jia BLE LYWSD02MMC indoor weather station with clock E-INK

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BLE clock and weather station able to measure:

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Humidity
  • Battery

Range: 0C +60C

Dimension: 62 x 49mm


Additional information





Power source


Battery type


Autonomy (estimation)


Compatible boards

Arduino MEGA, ESP32, ESP8266

Compatible modules


Exchanged data

battery, humidity, temperature

Price range


2 reviews for XIAOMI Mi Jia BLE LYWSD02MMC indoor weather station with clock E-INK

  1. Stede Bonnett

    Great readability with even the faintest light. Looks slick.
    This does not have any sort of desktop stand like the square e-ink version. It has a stick-on foot, adhesive, and magnetic mounts.
    Clock is set with Mi Home app (requires you set your region to mainland China for this device to appear).
    It inverts and clears the screen every half-hour for a couple seconds. You might notice if it’s in your line of sight.
    Mine reads 6-7% high on the humidity compared to 6 other sensors which all agree to 1%, but its temp reading is within 0.1°C – it might just be mine, but if you get one that does this you should leave a review.

  2. MRD

    No need for Mi Home app to setup the device time! Just dowlnoad Mijia Reader from Google Play Store. It’s an independent app that allows you o sync time and read sensors – pretty helpful during setup with openmqttgateway.

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