Blue Charm Beacons – Water-Resistant BLE iBeacon (BC04P-MultiBeacon) – w/Adjustable Motion Sensor

Blue Charm Beacons –  Water-Resistant BLE iBeacon (BC04P-MultiBeacon) – w/Adjustable Motion Sensor


  • Our most advanced extra long range, water-resistant (IP67) beacon with adjustable sensitivity motion sensor accelerometer. Transmit range: 0.2-150 meters using iBeacon legacy, 300 meters with PHY-coded scanner, and 900 meters with long range PHY-coded scanner. Extra wide range of TX broadcast power settings from super low -40 to extra powerful +8dBm. Warning: Do not set to Phy coded unless you have a Phy-coded scanner. Use Legacy broadcast only with a smartphone.
  • 4 year battery life (CR2477 included). The battery is easily replaceable after 4 years. Real time battery level can be monitored using our KBeaconPro app or retrieved programmatically using a scan request method or broadcast as part of a TLM broadcast.
  • Using its built-in motion sensor, this beacon can be configured to broadcast only after sensing motion. It can also be configured to broadcast normally but then to broadcast a slightly modified iBeacon UUID or different protocol after sensing motion.
  • Broadcasts your choice of iBeacon, Eddystone TLM, Eddystone URL, and/or Eddystone UID format. Eddystone TLM broadcasts battery strength, temperature, and broadcast count data. The BC04P has five different “slots” for broadcasting (slots are numbered 0 through 4). Most users will only use one slot, but if you wanted to, you could technically broadcast up to 5 different UUID numbers all with different configurations
  • Our website has very detailed step-by-step instructions with multiple screenshots under the Quick Start Guide menu.

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